Antrim Construction

Antrim Construction Company Limited, often referred to as ACC Limited, is the principal company within the Ladyhill Holdings Group. The company was first registered in 1967 and today is one of the largest private residential property developers in Northern Ireland. The Ladyhill Holdings Group also includes Boville McMullan Limited - a quarry and specialist aggregate company and Prospect Private Nursing Home.

A privately owned family business, Antrim Construction Company Limited has witnessed rapid growth from its inception more than 4 decades ago. The company now hands over in excess of 200 new homes per year, solely in the private residential property market. Antrim Construction Company Limited's original head office was located beside the group's quarry business at Ladyhill, a scenic wooded area between Antrim and Ballymena. The company now resides in an impressive new office block in Holywood, Co. Down - Ladyhill House, named after its original head office location.