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DIY Extra is a growing collection of DIY and Home Improvement guides, aimed at helping people make the most of their homes, without spending money hiring tradespeople. Almost all of our articles and guides are written by one of our team of DIY enthusiasts, experts or by a qualified tradesperson. Occasionally we will also publish guides from guest DIY writers. Although the site does contain adverts and some affiliate links, all revenue is used to pay for the server, etc, as well as paying writers for new articles.

We hope that any adverts we do include in the site are useful and targeted. This site is aimed mainly at UK residents. DIY Extra assumes no liability for any injury, damage to property or civil action as the result of following advice found within this website. Users must ensure they follow any regulations (building or otherwise) pertinent to their geographical location. Please seek professional advice if you are unsure of any aspect of DIY work you carry out.