JHD Ecological Fencing

JHD established in 2012 and is a company comprised of ecologists and fencing contractors. This unique collaboration allows us to combine our expertise to provide an ecological fencing service without the costs associated with using multiple contractors.

We believe that with our skillset and knowledge, we can provide a superior end product and service with a greater ecological focus, that will surpass that of the ‘general’ contractor. This is achieved through over a decade of high-quality fencing experience which has proven to exceed the expectations of many high-end clients.

Our in-house ecologist, with a contract fencing background, enables us to remove the necessity for an external ecologist to be on-site throughout the process, thus increasing efficiency and productivity whilst reducing the daily cost to you. The primary service we provide is high-quality reptile fencing using our own dedicated, low-impact machinery, again reducing total costs. However, we are also able to extend our services to other forms of fencing. We have extensive experience with boundary fencings such as post and rail, close board and stock for which we have won national recognition.