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Our Stevenage, Hertfordshire-based team offers over 20 years of building experience, providing free quotes and aiming for excellent work and service. Specialising in construction within Stevenage and surrounding areas, we prioritize top-quality results and trust. Our commitment to high standards and transparency, underscored by ISO and CHAS accreditation, ensures clear communication and client confidence. Contact us for reliable building services.

Business Services

Commercial Building Contractor Commercial Building Contractor Commercial Building Contractor

Commercial Building Contractor Hertfordshire

Are you looking for a commercial building contractor? Look no further. We are accredited and qualified to become your building partner for the project at hand. 

We are commercial building contractors in Hertfordshire

From retail fits outs to warehouse maintenance we can help design and build from the ground up covering all electrical, building and roofing projects.

Commercial Building Services

We offer all aspects of commercial building and renovation work. From residential building to commercial workspace and retail fit outs. Our accredited team of builders and engineers have over 25 years experience to design and build your goals. Nationserv provide an excellent service from start to finish. If you’re looking for a commercial building contractor look no further. 

Expanding our service skills in recent times to business’ demand, investing in your business workspace

  • Office and block fit out and maintenance
  • Shop and Retail fitting
  • Factory strip out and refit
  • Industrial Unit maintenance
  • Roof and long term maintenance
  • All mechanical and electrical design

More recently we have become accredited to WEBER and Envirowall culminating in starting the major project of removal of the dangerous tower block cladding systems. Providing full scaffold, project management and full renovation of tower blocks. 

Managing waste removal through to render finishes in line with new standards of practice. Nationserv is ready to lead the way in tower block cladding systems renovations.

Bathroom Fitting Bathroom Fitting

Cost For Bathroom Fitting & Renovation

From a very high level overview, the cost of a bathroom fitting service depends on a few factors. First thing would be the size and how much existing material we need to remove. Then we have to look the existing plumbing set up and see if there are any additional measure need to be put in place.

We then would look at the interior itself, after your consultation with our interior design team, we would look to provide the absolute best finish. Take a look below at one of our many bathroom fitting projects carried out in Stevenage. 

Quality, Reliable & Trustworthy Local Builder

Our local builder services are second to none. Over 20 years of experience, with experience to give you full confidence.

  • Detailed Quotations
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Electrical & Plumbing
  • Repairs and general builder work
  • Fixed Price Policy 
  • We Will Meet Deadlines
  • Transparent Service & Advice
  • Full Assistance & Transparent Pricing

The benefits of hiring a quality local builder are simple, save time, money and receive great service.

We allow our customers to to communicate with us and we provide them constant updates if required. We only use the highest most long lasting materials. 

We can help you find out how much your general building requirement could cost, as a local builder we welcome you to offices for discussions. 

Garage Conversion Builder Hertfordshire

Garage Conversion Builder Hertfordshire

Are you looking for garage conversion services in Hertfordshire? Look no further we offer high quality accurate design and building services. Get in touch with us. 

We are garage conversion specialists in Hertfordshire

Increase the space and practicality in your home with a garage conversion, create an additional lounge area, home office or private gym. Your imagination is our dedication.

Get A Quote On Garage Conversion

Nationserv has been in the business of providing top-quality garage conversion services for all types of properties for quite some time, and we are proud to be one of the best in this field. 

Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals understand exactly what needs to be done for any kind of property, and can provide complete design, supply, and building services that will exceed your expectations.

Driveway & Patio Builder Driveway & Patio Builder Driveway & Patio Builder

Driveway & Patio Builder Stevenage


Nationserv, a reputable driveway builder, has been serving Stevenage and the nearby areas of Hertfordshire for over a decade. Moreover, our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are deeply committed to delivering top-notch service. 

Additionally, we specialize in both constructing new driveways and repairing existing ones. Importantly, our focus is on ensuring outstanding quality in every project we undertake. Furthermore, achieving complete customer satisfaction is at the heart of our work. 

This dedication to quality and service ensures that each project is not just completed, but is done so to the highest of standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence in driveway building and repair.

We are driveway specialists in Stevenage, Hertfordshire


At Nationserv, we firmly stand by our Fixed Price Promise. Consequently, the price we quote is exactly what you pay, ensuring there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees. We firmly believe in transparent pricing, which allows our customers to confidently plan their budgets.

Furthermore, no job is too big or small for us. Whether it involves a minor driveway repair or a major construction, our team tackles each project with consistent dedication and professionalism. 

Additionally, we take great pride in our ability to meet the varied needs of our clients, thereby delivering quality results every time. This approach ensures that every customer receives the same high standard of service and workmanship, regardless of the project’s size or complexity. 

Are you looking for a driveway builder?

We specialise in a variety of residential driveway installations, including paved driveways, cobblestone driveways, tarmac driveways, and gravel driveways. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of driveway repair services for existing driveways. These services encompass resurfacing, crack sealing, and patching.

Moreover, whether you require a new pavement or repairs to existing surfaces, Nationserv possesses the expertise and experience to handle all types of driveway services. Our versatility ensures that every client’s specific needs are met with the highest standard of workmanship and attention to detail.

Kitchen Extension Builders Kitchen Extension Builders

Kitchen Extension Builders 

The heart of every home beats in its kitchen. Expanding this vital space is more than just construction; it’s crafting memories, fostering connections, and enhancing lifestyle. Nationserv, a name synonymous with exceptional kitchen extension services in Hertfordshire and London, brings to you a blend of aesthetic innovation and functional design.

Two Decades of Unwavering Excellence

At Nationserv, our rich tapestry of over 20 years in the building realm translates to a service that’s refined, reliable, and resonates with excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering kitchen extensions that epitomise meticulous craftsmanship and stellar design.

Across Hertfordshire & London, countless homes bear the signature of our precision-driven approach, each narrating a story of flawless finishes and unparalleled attention to detail.

Why Choose Us

Why Nationserv is the Go-To for Kitchen Extensions:
  • Precision-Driven Quotations: No hidden surprises. Only transparent and detailed estimates.
  • Assured Quality: Every task we undertake comes with a guarantee, cementing your confidence in us.
  • Holistic Service: From electrical to plumbing, from structural alterations to decor, we’ve got it all covered.
  • Commitment to Transparency: Our fixed-price policy ensures budget clarity. We honour deadlines and keep you informed at every stage.
  • Guidance at Every Step: Navigating planning permissions and architectural drawings? Our seasoned experts are here to assist.
The Rationale Behind Kitchen Extensions:

A kitchen extension isn’t just about square footage; it’s about adding layers of value. Whether it’s the joy of a spacious cooking area or the tangible increase in property worth, the benefits are manifold.

Your Project, Your Voice:

At Nationserv, we celebrate collaboration. While our technical expertise guides the project, your vision shapes its soul. Our commitment? Incorporating only the most premium, durable materials to bring that vision to life.

Considering an upgrade? Determine the potential cost of your dream kitchen extension by filling out our straightforward quotation form.

Loft Conversion Builders Loft Conversion Builders Loft Conversion Builders

Loft Conversion Builder Stevenage


Are you looking for loft conversion services in Stevenage? Look no further we offer competitive prices high quality loft conversion building services. Contact us or feel free to visit our office in Stevenage for a 15 minute initial consultation. 

We are offer competitive loft conversion services in Stevenage.

Maximise your home’s potential by converting your attic into a valuable asset. Nationserv offers bespoke solutions to create a sumptuous extra bedroom or a snug living area, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics in your home.

Our skilled professionals are adept in attic conversions, guaranteeing a top-notch finish that integrates flawlessly with your existing home décor. Refrain from wasting unutilized area. Contact Nationserv today to explore your attic conversion options and initiate the journey to augment your living space with sophistication and practicality. Seize this opportunity to expand and elevate your home with Nationserv.

Loft Conversion Costs

From a very high level overview, the cost of a loft conversion could depend on a few factors. First thing would be the existing roof, we need to ensure enough light comes through. 

We will also need to look at plumbing or electrics if required. Then we have to look the existing structural set up and see if there are any structural amendments needed.

We then would look at the interior itself, after your consultation with our interior design team, we would look to provide the absolute best finish.

Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders Home Extension Builders

We can help you from planning to design and build, our consultative approach will provide you with full transparency every step to the way including our professional after sales services to add peace of mind. 

  • New extensions/ Roofing/Loft conversion
  • Single story & double story home extensions
  • Kitchen & Bathroom extensions & refurbishments
  • Dormer and loft extensions
  • Rear of house extension building 
  • Side of house extension building
  • Conservatory & patio extension building

All size of works are undertaken and given the same level of attention to detail. All of our work is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

Our transparent quotation policy details exactly what your paying for. We are accurate with deadlines and budget and focus on high quality only. 

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We are open to answer any questions and provide free advice for any project you may have in mind. 


Rhys Morosco - Director

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Nationserv, Your Trusted Builders in Stevenage Located in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, our building team brings over two decades of industry experience. We offer complimentary quotes and are dedicated to providing exceptional work and service. Trust us for high-quality construction. For building services in Stevenage and the vicinity, please reach out.

Your Local Stevenage Building Experts We adhere to the utmost standards, ensuring transparent communication with our clients and team. Our commitment to honesty is fundamental to our success. With ISO and CHAS certifications, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence, instilling confidence in our clients.


Sharfin Khan

Archway, North London

5 Star Google Review

Sue Perry

Hitchin, Hertfordshire

I recently needed a new bathroom and kitchen installed. I can honestly say that Nationserv were a fantastic company to deal with. Employees I dealt with over the phone or via email were all very professional, kind and understanding. A particular shout out to Katie Lewis who was my go to contact, a credit to her company and an absolute star! I had various workmen come into my home over the months, all were really considerate, trustworthy and hard working. The two I saw most often were Thomas and Jack, thank you both for putting up with me and working so very hard! I am delighted with the results of all your labours!

Jack Kenny

Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Our subsidence claim has taken a great deal of time and anguish to be resolved. The introduction to Nationserv has been important. The sheer professionalism of the company, the more than efficient administration, has been a revelation. We have had builders, renderers, carpenters and painters who have all worked to the highest standards. In an age when lack of care is the norm, Nationserv has been excellent, easy to contact and always responsive. It seems to us that Nationserv is a model for what building contractors should aspire to.

Laura Hazelton

Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Thank you to the team at Nationserv for a first-class job. Everyone has been so helpful and gone out of their way to help. Highly recommend Nationserv.

Penny Linnett

Baldock, Hertfordshire

Great experience with Nationserv. Very efficient and friendly builders. Mission Control (Rachel) is totally on top of everything!

Rachel Sieder

Letchworth, Hertfordshire

Kate Lewis at Nationserv was extremely thorough, responsive, and an enormous help in steering us through our building repairs.


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Nationserv, Expert Builders in Stevenage Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Nationserv has more than 20 years of experience in the building industry. We're eager to provide free estimates and excel in delivering outstanding workmanship and customer service. Rely on us for superior quality construction. If you're looking for reliable builders in or around Stevenage, get in touch with us. We're ready to assist.

Stevenage's Premier Building Service Our commitment to unparalleled standards and effective communication is unwavering. We pride ourselves on transparency with both our team and customers, a principle that has been central to our achievement. Our ISO and CHAS accreditations affirm our dedication to quality, offering our clients peace of mind regarding our services.

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