Stovemason Masonry Heater Builders

Masonry Heater Builders specialize in construction and installation of masonry heaters and ovens. We design and build Finnish contra flow heaters, double bell heaters, grundofen and kachelofen (tile stoves). We also build antique Swedish tile stoves (Kakelugn) and retrofit existing chimney breasts with masonry heater inserts. We undertake complete project management including design and building work.

We are HETAS registered installers, members of Masonry Heater Association of North America and also Austrian Kachelofen Association.

Masonry Heater Builders has evolved from the initiative of several dedicated enthusiasts and construction professionals with a passion for masonry work, strong environmental feelings and life long interest in alternative heating technologies that formed around a group of Scandinavian and European stovemasons in late nineties.